Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm Not There

They had not chosen better actors who these, all were excellent in the representation of bob dylan. I still found better in the interpretation of the Cate Blanchet, it I am a bonanza actress!

Its characters were the face of Bob Dylan, same inconfundível! Pra that is fan of Bob Dylan as I, I recommend the film.

The film is good, but nothing it is compared with the interpretation of Christian Bale, could not be better… It is perfect… As well as in all the films that it makes!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Da Vinci Code

Tracks behind tracks that, seeming very difficult, Hanks and company they discover with relative easiness. The accomplishment of Ron Howard is not nothing of espcial, as well as the interpretations…

" The Code Of the Vinci" it is to thriller interesting and pleasant, with the argument of Dan Brown to be a little twisted, it lacked a little of suspense in the film, for who the film read the workmanship of Dan Brown does not please with certainty, and for who it did not read worse still.

The interpretation of Tom Hanks was for the satisfactory one.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dwayne Johnson To Enter Tomorrowland

What with his starring roles in The Game Plan and the upcoming Race To Witch Mountain, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is Disney’s golden boy at the moment. Yes, even more so than that mouse fella.

The section in question is Tomorrowland, which plays home to a host of sci-fi-themed attractions, including Space Mountain – however, Disney is denying, for now, that this is the case, or that the film in question will be called Tomorrowland. Maybe they’re just being cautious, or maybe they remember how The Haunted Mansion turned out. Either way, they’re calling this project an original script.

Oh, and that reminds us of a joke that we just made up: Did you hear about the plane that was remodelled as a Scottish theme park? Yeah, it flies pretty well but it Disneyland.

Gil Kenan To Direct Eoin Colfer's Airman

Gil Kenan – the precociously-talented director of Monster House – may have entered the realm of live-action with his upcoming City Of Ember, but he must have missed the possibilities afforded to him by performance capture animation.

For the 31 year-old director (see what we mean about precocious?) has signed on to direct Airman, based on a kids’ book by Eoin Colfer.

Kenan so far has displayed a wonderful capacity for conjuring eye-catching visuals, allied to an impish sense of humour, so let’s hope that Airman brings out the best in him. But it’s early days yet, as no writer is currently attached.

LaBeouf And Burger Make Dark Fields

It's impossible for us to express how happy it makes us that Shia LaBeouf is making a film for The Illusionist director Neil Burger this winter. LaBeouf and Burger? It's a pairing that's been written in the stars for decades, albeit usually spelled "beef burger". But we're pretty sure that all those meat patties were merely trying to prepare us for the day that the star and director would sign up to make

The script's being adapted by Leslie Dixon, who's also writing The Birds remake (continuing LaBeouf's Hitchcock connection by proxy) and Burger says that despite the slightly sci-fi premise, this won't be handled in a sci-fi way - for more details on that, head over to our friends at It will shoot in New York this winter, after LaBeouf finishes Transformers 2 and Burger finishes promoting his new road movie The Lucky Ones.

LaBeouf sounds like a good fit for the lead, and we're sure that he and Burger will work their buns off on this one - which mayo turn out to be the best thing either has ever done. Let's hope they hold the cheese, and that the final product cuts the mustard. We'll ketchup with more details on this as they're revealed, but we're anticipating this one with relish

The notebook

I was really impressed when seeing the film.I never thought that it was so good, that it portraied a history of two people so well whom if they love of truth (: Género was optimum film of this that some time vi, I must say that is one of my preferred ones.

For who already it saw the film and it liked, it advised to read the book, it has many details, he is fantastic. I taste very since film but find that he does not represent a history of true love, but yes a love history.

If it was true love never if they would trairiam, could tar separate but never they would go with other people. It is without a doubt a pretty film on the love, an impressive history. Valley the penalty to see this film with our love because it ties makes to cry.


It is of those 4 cases where great actors and a ccomplishing nothing ineperiente form a great film. Luxury, erotismo, cynicism, lie, the love finally, one of the great workmanships of year 2004. How much to brilliant, magnificent the dialogues, estao, I adored I satiated myself to laugh, exactly that

The representations are very good, clive owen and natalie portman is brilliant, of the joy ve them. The argument is very good same.

This film is something is serial due to the dialogues! They are different of the habitual one and therefore it becomes this film in a great film. Excellent installment of Clive Owen and Natalie Portman

Schindler's List

History is impressive, counted of a shining form, with incredible details as the scene where some Jews ingest some of its more valuable goods so that the German army is not with them. Great interpretations of Read Neeson, Ben Kingsley and Ralph Fiennes. It is without a doubt, optimum film of Steven Spielberg.

You don't mess with Zohan

Very good this film.Adam Sandler, each time surprises more =) One of the best comedies of the year, Since the excellent installment of the Adam to a truily original history. It never looks at I attended a film that you laugh at the start to the end and look at you do not exist a part if she wants that she is not bad… Of congratulations who created this film… Very legal film! I did not obtain to stop to laugh one minute! People… He is serious, I I recommend!

Nim's Island

I find that this film until could obtain a positive note, but finishes for being a failure, it does not have much substance, it finishes for being a little basic.

Perhaps either exactly indicated only for children… but with the cast of actores that have, and same with this argument it could have been done something more obtained.

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