Friday, April 24, 2009

Extract, nation of Perfume

Joel (Jason Bateman) is the owner of a factory processing distillation essence of flowers. Whilom, Joel must face the problem that can lead to large factory that he had roll mats. One of the employees discuss Joel threatening this factory and ask for compensation in large amounts.

Step (Clifton Collins Jr..), One of the employees Joel, an accident while working. The accident was severe and resulted in a loss of Step member body. Step akan threaten to bring this issue to court and ask for Joel to give compensation in large amounts. Because Joel did not have enough money, then the risk is one he must release the company that he owned it.

But it's not the only problem faced by Joel, because at the same time, Joel began suspicious that Suzie (Kristen Wiig), his wife, unfaithful act. Later he knew that Suzie attracted a gigolo named Brad (Dustin Milligan) that the person hired to entrap Suzie. (Source: Kapanlagi)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

'MANAGEMENT', Not Just Love With Mathematics

Players: Jennifer Aniston, Steve Zahn, Woody Harrelson, Fred Ward

Love story that can be started from any. For example Mike Cranshaw (Steve Zahn) and Sue Claussen (Jennifer Aniston), the love story they started from a bottle of wine. Bottle of wine is what makes Mike willingly travel distance for the mile-friendly love for Sue.

Initially, Sue, who works in the field of marketing in the overnight motel owned by the parents in Arizona Mike. Enamored with the beauty Sue, Mike then offer a bottle of wine as a gift from the motel management. From where it all started. Mike felt that Sue is a woman who during the time he was waiting-waiting and decided to follow Sue who has returned home to Maryland.

Unfortunately, sesampainya in Maryland, Mike must swallow bitter pill because Sue is currently living with the calculation of the mature Mike have no future. Sue prefer Jango (Woody Harrelson), a former girlfriend, who has become a successful businessman yoghurt. Now Mike must prove that they both indeed be destined to live together or the way from Arizona akan sia-sia pure. (Source: Kapanlagi)

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