Wednesday, June 24, 2009

'HOME', nation Where We All Live

Only in two hundred thousand years, humans have successfully disrupt the balance of the earth that has been there for four billion years ago. Ranging from global warming, natural resources utmost to extinction in some species is the result of the progress achieved by human technology that is reputedly a leader in the face of this earth.

What do people actually just put themselves in a dangerous condition. Estimated, at the end of this century all the natural resources that have akan habis human consumption seems no matter anymore. This will not suddenly become better unless we try to improve themselves that the damage we have timbulkan.

HOME This is a documentary work of Yann Arthus - Bertrand, a French man who memburuknya increasingly aware of the earth, where we all live. Yann Arthus - Bertrand is an artist and photographer who is active in nature protection movement. Ketertarikannya in nature since he was still a small man who was born in Paris to make this start menekuni world documentary. After removing the two had a documentary film about nature, he now release HOME, a documentary film that arouse awareness on the condition of our earth at this time.

Can not be denied if the film is one of the most effective means for learning. Dish in the form of audio and visual dynamic that is able to be most effective way to introduce or even embed an awareness of the audience. It may also encourage the Yann Arthus - Bertrand to make this documentary.

HOME provides a video recording taken from the top and this trick is quite effective to give another perspective of the audience to see the nature of the ground. Images that capture the wonder in fifty countries including Indonesia are presented in the form of visual interest, or more precisely hit. Slow movement comb surface that is used Bertrand truly beautiful and arouse the awareness that the earth is dying and it is our responsibility to melestarikannya.

Throughout the course visually, we also disuguhi narratives about the natural process that has been running for four billion years and the intervention of manusialah who have made the balance of this subject. Overall, this film is worthy can thumbs-up. An audio visual treat with a very strong message. So the problem is how many people are willing to pay to watch a documentary like this? (Source: Kapanlagi)

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