Monday, November 2, 2009

'Horsemen' The Four Horsemen Of Hell

Being a single parent is difficult enough let alone have to go through a career as a cop who sometimes does not leave much time for other activities. But Aidan Breslin (Dennis Quaid) can not choose. He was a cop and he had to do its job well, although in his heart he wanted to devote more time to her sons.

Alex Breslin (Lou Taylor Pucci) as the eldest son had to take over the task of being a father and raising Sean Breslin (Liam James), his brother. When Aidan wants to improve the father-son relationship, the sadistic murders appeared to he handled. From the initial investigation, Aidan was sure that there will be four more murders because the killers seem to quote something from the Bible as the basis for a murder he did.

The emergence of Christianity (Zhang Ziyi), the adopted daughter of one victim of murder, then took a little bright spot in the investigation Aidan. Apparently Christian had a part in the events of this serial killer but that makes Aidan worry is that there is a possibility the killer is not just one or two people. In the suspected killers were four interrelated in this mysterious case.

To be honest, this movie actually does not offer anything new. Previous films had the same theme, although perhaps not exactly the same. Presentation was not too special because of the tension properly maintained until the film reaches its peak. But it was not entirely wrong from the director because the basic idea of this movie was actually not too fresh.

If there is the interesting, actually it is a sub plot about the condition of Aidan Breslin family is a mess. If a cop, Dennis Quaid was not too convincing, just as a father who tries to balance between work and family these actors appear more vibrant. Supported by the appearance of two young actors, Lou Taylor Pucci and Liam James could not ignored, the sub plot was actually feels more bite than the main plot.

But actually the worst of this film is Zhang Ziyi looks really bad. Zhang could not seem to deepen his character that is complex enough that there was only read out the text without adequate emotional support. If given the track record of Zhang's long enough, it seems the language is the main obstacle in this film Zhang. It could be this actress really is not capable of displaying emotions from language that is not too familiar on her tongue. (Source: Kapanlagi)

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