Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Bill Murray recently offered the following in a skepticism junket press, "I saw a guy talking about the end of the world a couple of years ago and have not seen that either." Many feel that the most important critics of the new documentary called Close, well-regarded director behind American Movie and The Yes Men, more or less informs the world, including Murray, that the final form of a total economic collapse again next. "No, this time it is. Seriously." Based on surface impressions, the message does not sound unlike Michael Moore Close, recent capitalism: A Love Story, which is a diversion, considering that things are rather effed obvious now in the U.S. (the job market, health, Pundit-hungry media, two senseless "wars," alarming deficit, for starters). It is not necessary to prescribe "doomist" theorizing in order to shake a fist at fear online, but several thousand to do on a daily basis. But what separates Collapse in capitalism is the man who professes the nation and the world of revelry and anxiety, destruction: Michael Ruppert.

He is by no means a household name (yet?) Or even as well known as Alex Jones, but the role as a narrator openly visible Ruppert "truth" goes back to the '90s when he began to state publicly that the CIA was accomplice of cocaine / crack distribution throughout the country. Such accusations, of course, were and are not only Ruppert's-see here, Iran-Contra, Ruppert et al-but says he was aware of information during its time as an LAPD narcotics detective made him stand out and difficult to politicians and the media flatly denies. He also claims he was fired from the LAPD for similar reasons. In subsequent years, Ruppert has continued as an investigative journalist and associated with the questioning 9 / 11, and his positions on such controversial issues have come hot on small, independent papers like crack for the CIA and Consequences: Unanswered Questions 9 / 11.

Collapse is easily the most important and widely revised doc to feature Ruppert, and also the first of its kind to focus exclusively on it as a subject. The document says it is a factual presentation of views Ruppert and views on the end of civilization as we know, and consists of Ruppert explains how the future will play out as it sits in a room "that looks like a bunker "to borrow from the official synopsis. The use of the word "bunker" implies to me that the film is very aware of the strip near Ruppert modern conspiracy, but according to many reviews, see below-which is totally convincing. Many critics of this year's Toronto International Film Festival Ruppert cited dependence on facts and data as an important force that resonated beyond schtick Moore, EW Owen Gleiberman wrote in a positive review and contemplative ...

Friday, December 11, 2009

'NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU', Knitting Love in the City of New York

Cast: Bradley Cooper, Andy Garcia, Rachel Bilson, Natalie Portman, Orlando Bloom, Christina Ricci, Maggie Q, Ethan Hawke, Anton Yelchin, James Caan, Shia LaBeouf, Shu Qi, Robin Wright Penn

New York, an enchanting city. In the middle of the city that never sleeps, love is something that never left the hearts of the inhabitants. In a way that sometimes unique, funny, sometimes touching, these people tried to weave the threads of love that ultimately formed the New York City itself.

Twelve directors trying to define the meaning of love in a short film of their work about five minutes duration. These twelve short films is tied with red thread that links the twelve separate stories into one harmonious whole while on the other side of each story stands by itself.

Inspired by the film PARIS, Je T'aime 2006 outstanding year ago, producer Emmanuel Benbihy who also gave birth to the birth of Paris, Je T'aime trying to repeat the same concept with different locations. Big names like Andy Garcia, Rachel Bilson, Natalie Portman, Orlando Bloom, Christina Ricci, Maggie Q, Shia LaBeouf, Shu Qi and Robin Wright Penn was involved as a supporter of this film. (Source: Kapanlagi)

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